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New frontier for matching people and organisations

Video Interviews, auto-learning speech recognition and AI personality analysis
video interviews into
automated matching and selection process
The latest Artificial Intelligence technologies to meet today´s requirements for remote, online job interviews.
Automate selection process
Don´t drown in job applications: Automate the selection process and auto-rank your candidates.
Reduce employee churn
Use AI to understand your true culture and values and find candidates that match them. Click for a 1-page, detailed report of every person´s Big Five, values and needs characteristics.
Diversify to innovate, grow without loosing your culture
Use team overview and matching to keep track of how you grow your organisation. Hire the same to keep your culture - or diversify to increase your ability to innovate.
Barcelona HQ
  • HayStack Analytica S.L.
  • 08003, Barcelona
  • +34 605 704 150
  • Company number (CIF): B01596410
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